Our Factories

Around the world, our facilities continue to set new workplace Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) performance benchmarks, demonstrating firsthand how our responsible management practices are providing value to our operations, employees, customers, shareowners and the communities where we operate. Program governance begins at the local site level and flows upward to the top.

Green Factory Forums
Green Factory Forums are opportunities for Pratt & Whitney’s manufacturing facilities to share their own best practices. Typically, these include that have facilitated positive impacts on the site’s operations. Discussion topics range from utility management systems to rainwater harvesting to coolant recycling.

Sites are encouraged to determine whether programs presented at these forums make sense for their facility.

Best Management Practices
For 2020, Pratt & Whitney and Raytheon Technologies introduced new goals targeting the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) at our manufacturing facilities. BMPs provide guidance on possible actions sites and facilities can take to get them closer to achieving our 2020 goals. BMPs are issued to address waste management and recycling, coolants, waste water, acids & alkalis, and other unique wastes.