Safety is an indicator of sustainable performance

Workplace health and safety is a fundamental indicator of sustainable performance. Our approach to workplace safety is built on three principles:

  • Health and safety is a responsibility shared by all employees, from senior leaders to workers on the factory floor to remote job sites.
  • Workplace safety requires continuous discipline and focus
  • Leading indicators focus our attention where risks can emerge over time, helping us eliminate workplace hazards, including exposure to potentially harmful chemicals to proactively avoid injuries.

All employees on the factory floor or in field installations and repairs are trained in workplace health and safety policies and procedures, and each is responsible to report potential workplace hazards and unsafe conditions. Pratt & Whitney’s Report It Don’t Ignore It (RIDII) program has increased reporting. We have established health and safety committees at all of our major manufacturing sites, which direct and coordinate EH&S initiatives at the local levels.

We measure the effectiveness of our health and safety programs using a variety of metrics. While not the only measurement of program success, our total recordable incident rate (TRIR) and lost day incident rates (LDIR) indices show continuing improvement and what we believe are some of the best safety rates among peer companies and other multinational manufacturing companies.