Social Good

Supporting communities and the environment

Pratt & Whitney is proud to have implemented key social initiatives into its sustainability program. These programs were designed with communities and the environment in mind, and seek to leverage Pratt & Whitney’s position in the aerospace industry and local economies for the better.

Green Grants
The vision of the Sustainability program at Pratt & Whitney is to become the best aerospace company FOR the world. Green Grants provide company support to employees who want to improve the communities where they live and work. Grants from $500 to $5,000 are provided to non-profit agencies to support those initiatives which align with our strategic focus areas (STEM education, veterans & military causes, and community well-being) while supporting our sustainability mission.

Since 2017, Pratt & Whitney has supported 25 projects around the world with more than $110,000. These are local programs, supported by Pratt & Whitney employees in their communities. Examples include neighborhood beautification, park maintenance, cleanup and planting and trail building.

To learn more about past Green Grant recipients, visit our media room.

Sustainability Focals
We know that culture is very important for every company, Pratt and Whitney included. We are working to become a company that attracts and retains best-in-class people, while developing our employees to be the highest performers possible.

Sustainability Focals are employees who work to identify and address sustainability opportunities through their unique positions in the company. Employees in every department have an opportunity to impact sustainability, so all employees would be eligible to participate. Each focal works with an assigned coach, as well as the Pratt & Whitney sustainability team and each other, to learn skills and tools which will help them make changes through their daily work activities.

LEED Buildings 
Pratt & Whitney has 12 buildings globally that are certified LEED Silver® or better.

  • West Palm Beach, Florida, USA: West Palm Beach Engine Center
  • Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA: P&W Amercon
  • Mirabel, Québec, Canada: Mirabel Aerospace Centre
  • East Hartford, Connecticut, USA: 2 buildings, including our Engineering & Technology Center
  • Rzeszów, Poland: Pratt & Whitney AeroPower and Research & Development Facility
  • Istanbul, Turkey: Turkish Engine Center
  • Chengdu, China: Pratt & Whitney Aerotech Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai, China: Shanghai Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine Maintenance Co Ltd (trading as Shanghai Engine Center)
  • Singapore: Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions and P&W NGPF Manufacturing Company Singapore
  • Christchurch, New Zealand: Pratt & Whitney Air New Zealand Services (trading as Christchurch Engine Centre)