Sustainable Aviation

Investing in game changers

Pratt & Whitney continues to explore, research and invest in game-changers like hybrid electric engines and alternative fuels.

The transformational technology of the Geared Turbofan engine is setting the environmental standard and allowing for unimagined innovations. With 16 percent better fuel efficiency, the GTF engine has significantly lower NOx emissions and a 75 percent smaller noise footprint. Learn more about the GTF here.

Pratt & Whitney has industry-leading expertise in the evaluation and approval of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) through its participation in the ASTM International committee responsible for their approval. More than 150,000 commercial flights have used SAF fuel blends, which all of our jet engine types can operate efficiently with today.

The principle advocacy group for SAF is the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI). P&W is very active within CAAFI, with leadership positions including co-lead of CAAFI’s R&D technical committee.

Our company continues to examine ways to expand our involvement with SAFS, including the opportunity to use them in our own operations.