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Sustainable aviation is essential—and for Pratt & Whitney, it’s foundational. We recognize the increased urgency to develop transformative technologies for a thriving planet. And we know a more sustainable tomorrow starts with working smarter, cleaner and greener today.

Changing today’s aircraft engines and aviation fuels will transform tomorrow’s flight.


From the revolutionary GTF engine family, to advanced hybrid-electric systems, we are continually developing technologies to make aircraft fly more efficiently and with lower emissions.


We are making aircraft engines ready for the transition to Sustainable Aviation Fuels, and developing technologies for hydrogen-fueled propulsion systems, which will be key to a net zero future for aviation.


We are cutting emissions, energy and water use, and driving recycling and solar power generation across our facilities and supply chain every day. Learn more about our EH&S initiatives.

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Pratt & Whitney joined the industry-wide commitment to achieve net zero air transport carbon emissions by 2050. The ambition to ‘fly net zero’ is an essential and defining challenge for our industry. We’ve proven time and time again the hard work pays off when you focus on upgrading today’s products, while investing in the technologies that can unleash more sustainable human progress. But as simple as it sounds, delivering it requires grit. And that grit is in our DNA.


We will never stop going beyond to take care of the planet we live on.
  • GTF Advantage

    The GTF engine is the only geared propulsion system in service today with industry-leading sustainability benefits, mature dispatch reliability and world-class operating costs. The GTF Advantage configuration will extend the engine’s lead as the most fuel efficient engine for the Airbus A320neo family, with even lower CO2 emissions.


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  • Hybrid-electric Technology

    Pratt & Whitney Canada advances sustainable hybrid-electric propulsion technology, contributing to Canada's Green Recovery Plan.

  • Carbon Offset Service

    Carbon offsetting provides one of the most immediate routes to mitigating the environmental impact of air travel. Learn more about our service for business aviation and helicopter operators.


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  • Partnerships

    Pratt & Whitney is a founding member of Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), a coalition of organizations and companies throughout the air transport industry that drive the sustainable development of the air transport sector.


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  • Sustainability Factsheet