The PW6000 engine covers the 18,000- to 24,000-pound thrust class and is targeted for 100-passenger aircraft.

The PW6000 is currently offered on the Airbus A318, which is part of the successful A320 aircraft family.

The PW6000 builds on proven technology from other Pratt & Whitney advanced engine programs to deliver the lowest cost of ownership for 100-passenger aircraft operators. Pratt & Whitney has incorporated technological advances in the PW6000 that enable a reduction in parts count for lower acquisition cost as well as a reduced maintenance cost.

The PW6000 meets all current and anticipated noise and environmental regulations. The PW6000’s reduced noise provides revenue benefits as the engine enables flights into many airports that have curfews, noise quotas and other restrictions.

Prior to entering service with LAN Airlines in 2007, the PW6000 completed more than 29,000 cycles and 14,000 hours of development testing. This extensive testing and demonstration has allowed the PW6000 engine to obtain ETOPS qualified status at entry into service.

For airlines contemplating the future acquisition of new 100-passenger aircraft, the PW6000 is an excellent choice as it was specifically designed for high-cycle operation in the demanding short-haul aircraft market. The PW6000 meets the challenges of low cost, clean, quiet, reliable, and durable power for airline customers.


  • PW6000

    Airbus A318
  • PW6000

    Airbus A318 Elite


  • PW6000

  • PW6000



  • Fan Tip Diameter

    56.5 In
  • Length, Flange To Flange

    108 In
  • Takeoff Thrust

    18,000–24,000 Lb
  • Flat Rated Temperature

  • Bypass Ratio

  • Overall Pressure Ratio


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