Powering all of the U.S. Air Force’s F-15 Eagles and the majority of the world fleet of F-16 Fighting Falcons, Pratt & Whitney’s family of F100 engines has been selected by 23 air forces around the world.

With more than 7,200 engines produced and over 24 million flight hours, the F100 fighter engine has a remarkable record of safety, maintenance cost and reliability. The F100 engine has benefited from the continued infusion of new technology since its introduction and continues to meet the demands of the fighter aircraft mission in a world of ever changing threats.

The Pratt & Whitney F100 is one of the world's safest fighter engines and has set the benchmark in the single engine fighter application. Now, with technology developed for the F119 engine powering the F-22 Raptor, and F135 engine powering the F-35 Lightning II being incorporated into new F100 engines, this propulsion system is providing advanced, dependable power for F-15 and F-16 aircraft worldwide. Pratt & Whitney’s F100-PW-229 Increased Performance Engine is the most widely used advanced technology fighter engine in the world.

The most significant accomplishment of the F100 family is its extraordinary flight safety record. The F100-PW-229 engine has the best safety record of any increased-performance engine. When safety, life-cycle cost and performance are the criteria, Pratt & Whitney’s dependable F100 family of engines sets the mark for fighter aircraft.

The Engine Enhancement Package (EEP) for the F100-PW-229 engine is the latest evolution of the F100 family of fighter aircraft engines. The EEP makes this extraordinary propulsion system even better by extending the depot service interval up to 40 percent, taking the average service life between overhauls from seven years on average to more than 10 years. The F100-PW-229 EEP is designed to extend the periodic engine inspection requirement from 4,300 to 6,000 cycles, eliminating one out of every three overhaul cycles. The EEP is now available.

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  • Thrust

    23,770–29,160 Lb
  • Weight

    3,740 Lb
  • Length

    191 In
  • Inlet Diameter

    34.8 In
  • Maximum Diameter

    46.5 In
  • Bypass Ratio

  • Overall Pressure Ratio

    32 To 1

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