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defined by capability

The F135’s 5th Generation propulsion capabilities provide the warfighters of today and tomorrow the technological edge to fight and win. 

With more than 40,000 lbs. of thrust, unmatched low-observable signature, world-class thermal management, and the most advanced integrated engine control system ever created, the F135 engine is the heartbeat of the F-35.

Not only is the F135 the most powerful and most advanced fighter engine ever produced, it’s also the most dependable – demonstrating a step change in readiness and reliability over 4th generation fighter engines. 

The F135 delivers unrivaled performance to the warfighter, enabling operations in the most advanced threat environments and redefining what’s possible for our customers and their missions.


  • A History of Innovation

    For nearly a century, we’ve been advancing military propulsion for tactical, strategic, and mobility aircraft. From the development of our iconic Wasp engine in the 1920’s to the game-changing technology of today’s F135, our innovation is driven by our commitment to provide customers the most advanced, dependable products to complete their mission and return home safely.
  • Combat Proven Propulsion

    Evolved from the proven F119 engine that powers the F-22 Raptor, and building upon decades of combat-proven propulsion experience, the F135 is a marvel of modern engineering – from design and development, to production and sustainment. From its adaptive and maintenance-friendly design to the use of exotic materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the F135 is the pinnacle of combat propulsion.
  • Bringing the Future, Faster

    The F135 also stands as a prime example of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products. Conceived with the knowledge that operational environments will evolve and threats will advance, the F135’s modular design and digital architecture support agile upgrades. Our F135 Engine Core Upgrade (ECU) incorporates next-generation adaptive propulsion technologies that offer increased thrust and fuel efficiency, as well as thermal management capacity to keep the F-35 weapon system a step ahead.

Delivering Superior VALUE

The F135 engine delivers unparalleled value for the taxpayer, providing a generational leap in performance and reliability at an incremental cost over 4th generation engines commensurate with its world-class design attributes, high tech components, and 5th Generation enabling technologies.

The operational value of the F135 is defined by its: 

  • Capability

    The F135 truly separates itself from 4th generation engines with a range of 5th Generation engine attributes that include substantially increased power and thermal management, engine-flight control integration, and signature management. The capabilities of the F135 provide the warfighter with a critical advantage over adversaries and enables the F-35 to conduct operations in advanced anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environments, a core element of the National Defense Strategy

  • Dependability

    With its advanced damage tolerant design and fully integrated prognostic health monitoring, the F135 has demonstrated exceptional mission capability rates since its first flight in 2006. The F135 is the most reliable fighter engine we’ve ever built, providing warfighters the assurance that it will be ready to meet mission demands.

  • Sustainment
    The F135 was designed for ease of maintenance and affordable sustainment. The F135’s tri-variant commonality, advanced digital health management system, and global sustainment structure – including a shared parts pool & regionalized MRO&U network – provides fleet operators ease of maintenance at reduced operating costs.
  • Growth
    Leveraging significant U.S. Government and P&W investment in next generation adaptive propulsion technologies, P&W developed the F135 Engine Core Upgrade (ECU) which offers increased thrust, fuel efficiency, as well as thermal management capacity. ECU is the only cost-effective, variant-common modernization solution for the F-35 that can enable full Block 4 capability for the warfighter and reduce billions in sustainment costs for the taxpayer.
  • Affordability
    We’re committed to the effective stewardship of taxpayer resources and continue to work tirelessly to drive down costs across the program. Having reduced the average production cost of an F135 engine by more than 50%, we are now targeting a 50% reduction in cost per flight hour to bring sustainment costs down to the same level as 4th generation fighter engines. We are doing this through component improvements such as life extensions and limits expansion; new repair processes; spare part cost reduction; and digital technologies.