Mikro partners with global, high-technology manufacturing companies to apply its TOMO® process to create high performance products and improve their product development and manufacturing processes.

Our customers benefit from improved product performance and time to market, yielding a competitive edge. Mikro can provide new technology and product development support for a wide variety tooling, advanced casting and composite material products.

TOMO provides a competitive edge by offering significant advantages over traditional tooling and casting processes. Design strategies, process, and materials work together to reduce tooling costs, shorten production schedules and lower total development costs.

Our proven development approach is fast, effective, and offers a seamless transition to production.

Using breakthrough technologies to support our customers


Castings can be made with precision, uniformity, and repeatability. This makes TOMO uniquely suited to imaging. Mikro produces hundreds of thousands of units each year for medical scanners.


Mikro has leveraged this technology to create ceramic composite castings for high performance engines. Our high strength composite system directly improves process yields.


TOMO isn’t just a process. It’s a toolbox. Any step in the chain can be used on its own to solve a manufacturing problem. Design, tooling, molds and casting can stand alone, or work together to create end products that deliver volume and performance at competitive cost.

TOMO is driving innovation in manufacturing by eliminating design constraints, reducing costs, and enabling material flexibility to overcome challenges.

The Tomo toolbox

  • Design
    Engineers can design parts without having to compromise their vision to accommodate traditional manufacturing processes. Streamlined development-to-production workflows bring ideas to reality quickly and cost effectively.
  • Tools & Stack Laminations
    Stack laminations enable the use of geometry traditional machining can’t produce. Design with undercuts, backlocks, and more to create advanced tooling - or monolithic end products. Alternatively, slot other TOMO processes into existing workflows and make use of legacy tools.
  • Molds & Elastomers
    TOMO molds are flexible and compliant, but retain micrometer-scale feature resolution to replicate delicate features. The same processes can be used to create elastomer end products.
  • Cast Products
    Our proprietary binder system creates casting slurries that offer unique material properties to improve yields while simultaneously enabling fine features and engineered surfaces.


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